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Why Prepper Survivalists Ought To Purchase Guns Based On Needs

Why Prepper Survivalists Ought To Purchase Guns Based On Needs

September 05, 2018

At Rail Scales, we sell the best AR-15 accessories on the market. As a prepper survivalist, you’ve got one thing on your mind: survival. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that you survive whatever catastrophe comes to pass. It’s not an “if” but a “when” in your mind, and you need the best accessories and components. At Rail Scales, we get it, and we want to share with you why, as a prepper survivalist, you ought to purchase your guns based on needs, not wants.

Why Choose Guns Based On Needs?

If you’re a true prepper survivalist, you know that someday something is going to happen. It’s inevitable. So you stock up on various survival items like food, water, guns, ammunition, and the like. You even invest in an underground shelter that you keep hidden from the world in case things really do go sideways. You’re committed.

For those that aren’t as committed, you may enjoy the idea of being ready for the apocalypse, but you’re not so sure it’s going to happen. Well, go talk to some of our prepper friends to find out more. In the meantime, you purchase an AR-15 and begin customizing it for two different uses: house defense and the firing range. You take your time in buying upgrades, gradually working your way into familiarizing yourself with each component. Then, you get a hair-brained idea and shift to using your AR-15 for hunting. Your buddy is doing it, and he’s invited you.

So, you have to say yes. Now, your rifle is being used for two needs and one want. Guess how much that’s going to cost you? Can you guess how much your rifle probably weighs with all of those components stacked on it?


The number one reason you purchase your guns based on need is not necessarily based on price, but, instead, function. A rifle that serves three different purposes is either going to be useless for two of the three, or it’s going to be carrying a lot of accessories, causing it to weigh way more than you want to carry around for hours on end.

Once you realize the weight of the rifle being used for more than one purpose, you will then question the cost. Yes, AR-15 accessories can get expensive when you’re buying a dozen of them. Instead, your need for a rifle is survival and everything that goes along with it. In most cases, it’s best to have a rifle for each need, not one rifle with a dozen components stacked on it.

Triple-Check Your Survival Budget

For survivalists, there’s a long list of needs to make it through whatever may come. You need to keep a close eye on your budget as you stock up to weather the inevitable storm. A piece of that budget is defense. You need to allocate funds to make sure you can defend your stockpile.

A great way to make sure you have exactly what you need to survive is to be diligent with your budget now. Prioritize your spending early so that when you do buy an AR-15 accessory, it’s because you need it and it doesn’t break the bank.

Your Home-Defense Setup

It’s important you consider your defense setup. In most cases, you want to go with a three- or four-gun arsenal that can serve many defense purposes. With that being said, an AR-15 ought to be one of those four guns. It’s reliable, durable, and lightweight.

As one of the more affordable rifles on the market, the AR-15 is remarkably useful in a variety of situations, even with the bare minimum in upgrades or components. In any case, you will want these three or four guns in your primary setup, including others in your arsenal for backup or other situations and events:
  • Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle (close-range & long-range)

Abandon Aesthetics

Unless you’re going to camo your guns, abandon the aesthetics. You’re not purchasing your handguns, shotguns, and rifles to look good. You want them to function. Preferably, you want your firearms to require attention only when you demand it or after they’ve been used.

Ultimately, there’s no advantage or benefit to using chrome or flashy colors for your rifles. Keep it stock or camo specific to your region.

How To Choose Gun Accessories For Survival

In most cases, you can only make your best educated guess on how you will need to use your guns in a survival situation. For the most part, you will need to be trained in firing your handgun, shotgun, and rifle with iron sights, as well as any advanced optics so that you, as a shooter, are versatile enough to keep yourself and those you care about alive. At the end of the day, the same advice as above rings true. Shop for the best gun accessories that fit your needs.

Since Rail Scales is an AR-15 accessory company, here’s what we would recommend adding to your AR-15 in no particular order:

A Final Note

As a prepper survivalist, you have a lot on your plate. In most cases, you’re preparing for a national or global event that sends humanity forward into a new world that no one really perceived possible, except for you. With that being said, the way you stockpile, accessorize your arsenal, and budget your spending up to that catastrophic event will determine how you are able to survive.

Rail Scales: The Experts In AR-15 Accessories

The mission at Rail Scales is to get you the best AR-15 accessories on the market. How you utilize those accessories are completely up to you. However, we do understand the need to stockpile and prepare for a survival situation. Don’t wait to buy what you need. Your ability to budget and purchase as you see fit is paramount to your success during a survival event. Don’t wait until it’s too late to buy online. Shop for the accessories you need now!