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Want To Customize Your AR 15? Here’re 14 Accessories!: Part Two

Want To Customize Your AR 15? Here’re 14 Accessories!: Part Two

May 25, 2018

A huge selling point of the AR 15 is it’s overwhelming amount of customization options. It allows the beginner or the expert marksman the ability to create a unique firearm. You can customize, personalize, and modify it to fit your specific needs. In part one of this blog series, we share the first four accessories we recommend considering, and in this post, we’ll share four more of the best AR 15 accessories to consider.

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Four More AR 15 Accessories

Ambidextrous Safety

It can be a hassle when you’re a southpaw shooter in competition and need to flick your safety switch, but it’s on the wrong side of your gun. An ambi-safety allows for the shooter to have access to their safety switch on either side of their gun.

Anti-Creep Pins

As you use your AR 15, standard trigger pins do rotate a small amount. This means that over time, this rotation can lead to complications if not addressed frequently. An anti-rotational pin disallows this gradual pin spin, saving you time, money, and peace of mind.


You want to take the time to choose the best stock for your customized AR 15. “Generic” should not be a word used when describing or outfitting your rifle. A flimsy, two-cent stock won’t work when you’re personalizing your firearm to perform it’s given task. You’ll want to decide between the two styles: collapsible or fixed. Deciding between the two types of stocks depends on your overall desired comfort and preference while shooting. Both collapsible and fixed stocks can be reliable, durable, and sturdy. It simply depends on your preference toward which one you would like to use on your AR 15. Remember, you need to find a stock that fits our buffer tube, whether commercial or mil-spec.


When choosing a barrel, it depends almost entirely on what you’ll be using your AR 15 for. A long barrel won’t be effective for short-range shooting. The opposite is true, as well, for a short barrel isn’t the best option for long range shooting. You’ll want to consider the contours and profile of the barrel and compare it your rifle’s purpose; heat and frequency of shooting are two big factors to consider. The more frequent shooting, the more heat, which means you’ll want to stick with heavier, more durable barrels. Finally, chambering is a consideration. Which ammunition will you be using?

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When you choose to purchase an AR 15, you’re creating an opportunity to customize, personalize, and modify a firearm to fit your unique needs and desires. At Rail Scales, we believe premium accessories and the shooter’s abilities all come together in a single skill set to achieve one goal, whether that be range firing, competition events, or protecting your farm from predators.

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