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Want To Customize Your AR 15? Here Are 14 Accessories: Part Three

Want To Customize Your AR 15? Here Are 14 Accessories: Part Three

June 15, 2018

Customization, personalization, and modification are three words closely associated with the AR 15. Many AR rifle owners call it one of the most comfortable firearms to shoot after they’ve upgraded it to fit their needs. What does this mean for those who don’t yet own this amazing gun? They have a chance to buy or build an AR 15 and make it truly their own—no on else will have a similar one.

This customization begins with the gun itself. You then have to consider the best AR 15 accessories to upgrade your rifle. Finally, you need to use it at the range to determine exactly what you need to tweak or tinker with to make it absolutely perfect for you. In this post, we’ll share the final six accessories to consider for your AR 15 rifle. Continue reading to learn more!

Six AR 15 Accessories

Floating Handguards

Want your AR 15 to ooze excellence? Consider adding a free-floating handguard. This AR 15 accessory allows for increased control and improved accuracy. Another uncommon advantage of this feature is the ability to mount optics forward of the upper-receiver. The shooter will need slightly more room to operate their rifle with night vision installed. A free-floating handguard allows this implementation.


There are numerous optics on the market to fit nearly any need. How you plan on using your rifle will determine which AR 15 optic accessory you should purchase. In most cases, you’ll want to budget about 25 percent of your total rifle budget to optics alone. This may shock some of you, but optic technology has advanced over the years to offer high-quality sighting capabilities like accurately engaging targets up to 300 yards. Variable sighting scopes also add a layer of optic capability to serve a purpose for long range endeavors. Finally, Rail Scales offers LEAF­™ for laser modules, saving you up to seven Picatinny slots.

Muzzle Devices

Consider a muzzle accessory to redirect gases exiting the barrel, which tames recoil, reduces flash, suppresses sound, or a combination of all three. Once again, how you plan on using your rifle will direct which muzzle device you’ll want to purchase. Most barrels have a specific threading to encourage a unique use, which can also help determine muzzle component implementation.


This is an AR 15 accessory utilized for specific uses. You’ll want to understand that a powerful light is expensive, but completely worth the investment if your desired use demands it. No matter the range you intend to use the light for, make sure and do your research, find a way to test lights, and then don’t be afraid to use change lights later on to fit your needs.


Do you compete? Do you use a sling and sling mounting during training? The hardware helps keep your AR 15 in reach and ready to use at a moment’s notice. A sling allows for the rifle to hang properly and be available whenever you need it. The sling hardware is just as important, if not more important, than the sling itself, offering the ability to transition between firearms with little to no resistance.

Receivers: Upper and Lower

When it comes to receivers, it’s all about preference. Determine what you will be using your AR 15 for, and then find a receiver that will help accomplish that use. As a note, upper and lower receivers from different manufacturers tend to work together, but this is something you’ll need to do you research on. For the best fit, you’ll want to purchase a paired upper and lower receiver from the same manufacturer.

Explore Rail Scales AR 15 Accessories

What makes an AR 15 perfect? How you customize it! Then you get to spend the time honing your shooting skills using it at the range or at competition. Finally, you’ll be able to tinker with your AR 15 rifle as you adjust or upgrade it over time. Eventually, you’ll stand back and look at your firearm and realize that it’s changed a lot since day one—almost like a child. This is when you know your gun has become yours and yours only.

Want to shop AR 15 accessories now? Check out Rail Scales product line, which includes hand stops, grips, sights, scales, and more. All our products are premium machined and crafted to last. Want to learn more? Read part one and two of this blog series now!