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Want To Customize Your AR 15? Here Are 14 Accessories!: Part One

Want To Customize Your AR 15? Here Are 14 Accessories!: Part One

May 05, 2018


When it comes to your AR 15, do you call it your own? Sure, many other gun owners will have the same rifle, but how have you customized yours to be able to say with confidence, “This is mine”? In this blog series, we’ll share the best ways to customize your AR 15 so that not only will it be yours, but it will offer you the best opportunity to shoot better with more control.

The agenda of an AR 15 owner should be an abundance of shooting, cleaning, and tinkering with their rifle. This should be your expectation as a rifle owner, so that you can become intimately aware of how your firearm functions. In this post, we’ll share the first four AR 15 accessories to consider. The entire blog series has three parts, which you can find below:

Four AR 15 Accessories to Consider

Customizing your AR is like painting on blank canvas. What you’re aiming to achieve with your brush and materials determines how you go about it. The same goes for your AR and the accessories you choose to add to your rifle.


The standard AR grip is usually an uncomfortable A2 pistol grip. It’s impersonal and most likely negatively influencing how well you shoot. If you’ve been operating your AR 15 for a while and haven’t switched out your grip, it’s time you did something about it. You’ll be amazed at the difference. Remember to find a grip that accommodates your hand size and style of shooting.


This technique simply adds texture and increased grip to your rifle, whether it be on your grip, foregrip, or otherwise. The downfall of this addition is that it permanently alters the component you apply it too. A better alternative would be to purchase scales from the RailScales® product line. You won’t permanently alter your stock components—but we’ll be so bold to say you won’t want to go back once you add any of our premium AR 15 accessories.


How smooth is your trigger finger? Before the good ol’ days of fancy drop-in parts, replacing an AR 15 trigger required a gunsmith or skilled craftsman to get the job done. Now, you can do it yourself with little to no effort. In most cases, those who describe a quality aftermarket trigger describe it as “breaking” like an icicle, candy cane, or carrot when engaged. Something as simple as a trigger upgrade can give beginning shooters a bit more confidence and experienced gunman a noticeable advantage.

Optional Iron Sights

As technology advances, less AR 15 owners are training their iron-sight shooting skills. Attached, high-tech optics are becoming more prevalent and for good reason. They do more work when sighting a target, however, you can find flip-up iron sights to include on your AR, just in case.

Choose Rail Scales For AR Accessories!

Your AR 15 can be a unique firearm is you decide to customize it. This is one reason ARs are so popular among gun owners. Whether you’re a first-time rifle owner or a connoisseur, an AR allows you to modify and personalize it how you see fit.

At Rail Scales, we offer AR 15 accessories that allow you to uniquely build or upgrade your rifle to fit your needs. If you want to increase control and improve accuracy, consider our hand stops, vertical grips, or forends. Otherwise, read part two or part three of this blog series to explore more AR 15 accessories to consider for your new rifle.