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The AR-15: Perfectly Customizable

November 22, 2016

For most of you visiting RailScales, you probably know your way around an AR-15 pretty well. However, if you’re still debating whether you should purchase an AR 15 - as your first firearm or simply in addition to what you already own - we assume you’re doing your due diligence and researching thoroughly before you make your purchase. So, for you folks still learning, let’s start with the most basic of basics about AR 15s and build from there; we at RailScales want to help you make an informed decision about your potential purchase.

AR Doesn’t Mean Assault Rifle

Please, don’t make this often-made but mistaken assumption; we understand how easy it is to make that intuitive leap, but the AR of AR 15 does not stand for assault rifle. It actually stands for ArmaLite Rifle, the brand of the gun; because the AR 15 is only semi-automatic, it cannot technically be classified an assault rifle. An assault rifle, by classification, is fully-automatic (i.e. a machine gun).

Form and Function

The AR 15 was initially developed to be a lighter-weight answer to assault rifles - in particular, the U.S. Army was interested in something that fired smaller caliber ammunition, to allow soldiers to carry more rounds, and something with more accuracy than extant assault rifles of the time. The AR 15 (M16 in U.S. Army classification) offered a much lighter option than the M14, so soldiers could carry more ammunition, and the .223 caliber rounds could be fired with enough power to puncture a standard helmet at 500 yards. The smaller size and minimal kickback make this a female-friendly gun as well as combat-friendly.


For many AR 15 owners, the biggest benefit of this gun style is how customizable it is. The modular design means you can swap out upper and lower receivers in a matter of seconds. The lower receiver is the actual firearm portion, so you can purchase a set of different length upper receivers to interchange between barrel lengths easily - you can even swap out uppers to handle different caliber rounds. Only the lower receiver component is serialized, so every other custom AR parts you wish to add can be purchased easily online or at a local store.

Use Your Rails

Because the AR 15 is so easily customizable, that means you can alter and add to your rails until you get your rifle just how you want it. The modular structure of most rails means you can easily attach lights, scopes, and any other AR 15 rail accessories you wish without worrying about compatibility. Our AR 15 rail grip options absolutely fit the bill there. Our RailScales are lightweight but provide heavy duty protection from overly heated rails. Protect your hands without adding bulk to your AR 15. If you crave additional control, our Karve handstops give you bidirectional control with a small footprint and minimal weight.

Once you’ve finished researching and have made your AR 15 purchase, shop RailScales. Our AR 15 rail grip RailScales work with nearly any AR rail system, including keymod and mlok. Call us if you have more questions about how our rail scales work, or shop today!