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The AR 15 - Good for Home Defense?

The AR 15 - Good for Home Defense?

March 15, 2017

If you’ve been keeping up with the RailScales blog at all, you know we’re pretty passionate about the AR 15 because of how easily customizable it is! The modular design means it’s incredibly easy to swap out components and accessories and customize every component of your AR, right down to the gas tubes. It also means AR 15 consumers benefit because nearly all components can legally be sold online and don’t require registering or background checks, so you can have companies (like the team here at RailScales) who can focus in on one or two things and make the best AR accessories possible. So, theoretically, you could customize your AR for any use, right? Which begs the question: Are AR 15s actually good for every use?

Most Common AR Uses

For those of you who are new to the AR 15 community, it’s probably wise to do a bit of research before you dive straight into AR 15 ownership - the same as with any other firearm. We have a brief primer here; however, we focus our energies on making the best MLOK and KeyMod handstop and rail options, which means we’ve studied the AR extensively, but we tend to be a bit more focused on what we discuss in our blog. That aside, we can say that the AR 15 is a great firearm for very nearly any use because - as we mentioned above - this firearm is so modular. Which means that, with the best AR accessories, your firearm can be used for everything from hunting to range time and so much more.

But, What About Home Defense?

Yes, that does mean the AR is also a good option for home defense. Because of its size, weight, and recoil, the AR is easily maneuverable and easier to shoot with pretty decent accuracy than, say, a pistol. And, with the best AR accessories and components, you can modify your AR to make it even easier to handle and fire well. This is the primary reason the AR is a good firearm for home defense. First, it looks intimidating to any home invader or robber, so there’s a good likelihood you can scare the guy off before anything happens. But, secondly, the AR is easier to aim and fire without constant regular training the way you’d need with a pistol. This makes it a better option for those of smaller stature who may not spend a ton of time at the range. However, and this is a very important caveat, we do not suggest you leave your AR in the hands of a family member who has not had proper gun safety training and practice firing it. If your AR is intended primarily for home defense purposes, be sure your spouse, roommate, or anyone who might use it gets time on the range with it and knows how to handle the firearm safely!

Home Defense Accessories

When using your AR for home defense, the accessories you choose are just as important as the firearm itself. Keep your AR light and maneuverable with MLOK and KeyMod handstop options from RailScales to give you a lightweight but sturdy hand stop for a better grip as well as propping against any solid surface for more stability. Shop RailScales online now for our MLOK and KeyMod handstop options!