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Questions To Ask When Buying AR 15 Accessories

Questions To Ask When Buying AR 15 Accessories

June 30, 2018

It can be confusing to find an AR 15 accessory retailer site and not know which component will work the best for your specific rifle or needs. This is common across AR 15 rifle owners. The overwhelming abundance of accessories for AR 15 upgrades holds the buyer at a stand still—mainly due to not knowing which material or style of a given component will suit their needs best. You’re not alone if this is what you’ve been experiencing.

In this post, we’ll be sharing five questions to ask before purchasing any type of AR 15 accessories or components for your rifle. At Rail Scales, we offer premium machined products like hand stops, forward grips, sights, rail scales, and more. When it comes to upgrading your rifle, you want the best accessories to fit your needs. Continue reading to explore the five questions!

Five AR 15 Accessory Questions

Question #1 - What’s the purpose of this rifle component?

Typically, you go in search of new AR 15 accessories when your current components are not working for you. As you become a better shooter, or your intent for your rifle changes, you will want to upgrade it appropriately. Consider what you’re trying to achieve with each new component you intend to buy. For example, if you want to improve the performance of your rifle so you can shoot more often, this is a valid purpose. You may want to improve accuracy, which could result in upgrading your trigger, handguard, or adding a hand stop.

Question #2 - What is the component’s intended use in a given environment?

Type and quality of material is a huge factor to consider once you answer this question. How hard will you use your new component? Where will it be used? How often will you need to maintain it? Environmental or artificial factors could also affect how you use or which components you add to your rifle. For example, if you want to add a light to your rifle, but you have a plastic handguards, you may find it difficult to mount said light. You have a few options. You can upgrade your handguards or mount the light to your front-sight post. Depending on your purpose for the light, you may need a low-profile rifle, which means a Keymod or M-LOK handguard maybe your best bet.

Question #3 - What are some new issues introduced with the new component?

A new component can cause more problems than it solves. This is not uncommon to see when upgrading your AR 15 with aftermarket accessories. The best solution to this is to find a buddy who has a similar setup to what you’re attempting to achieve and examine how they built their rifle. To continue with the light example from question number two, say you mount your new light to the front-sight post. Does this interfere with your line of sight? How will you engage or disengage the light? Do you need to adjust your grip to utilize the new light. There are plenty more questions, but it’s important to ask these before dropping some cash on a component that you won’t use or will cause more problems.

Question #4 - What are the benefits of adding this AR 15 accessory?

This question primarily focuses on how you can get the most benefit from accessory upgrades with the least amount of improvedcomponents. Does this sound counterintuitive? You probably want your rifle to be unique, customized, and personalized. However, weight is an issue when you add too many components to your rifle. Also, compatibility between various components can vary based on manufacturers, placement, and intended use. It’s important to find the best AR 15 accessory combination to gain the most benefit with your upgrades.

Question #5 - What do the reviews on this component say?

It’s important to not only look at the star rating, but to also dig into the context of why a given AR 15 accessory received its rating. This means once you narrow your accessory upgrades down to a few options, read through some recent reviews. You’ll most likely find raving fans of the component or those who purchased the component but did not like it. The AR 15 rifle community is great, because most people are specific with the details in their communication, and they’re willing to share what they’ve learned through experience. AR 15 accessory reviews are a gold mine of information to consume before you purchase your next component.

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We understand if you’re not sure which component will work the best for your AR 15. This rifle is highly customizable; it offers more options and features than most car dealerships do on their top-tier vehicles. Nonetheless, the best AR 15 accessories are the ones that serve your needs. At Rail Scales, we offer a product line full of premium machined AR 15 components. Shop online now!