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Questions To Ask Before Buying An AR 15

Questions To Ask Before Buying An AR 15

June 25, 2018

Whether you’re looking for an affordable or premium manufactured AR 15 rifle, you need to ask yourself a few questions before dropping some serious cash. It’s exciting to commit to buying a rifle, but it’s best to be as educated as possible about your needs and the best rifle to suit those needs. The best AR 15 accessories won’t do you any good unless you’re aware of how you will be using your rifle, first. Once you figure that out, you can then buy or build the perfect AR 15 rifle to get the job done.

If you’re ready to purchase AR 15 accessories, buy Rail Scales! We offer premium machined hand stops, forward grips, sights, and more to enhance your shooting experience. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more about the five questions to ask before buying or building your next rifle.

Five Important AR 15 Questions

Question #1 - What’s My Intended Use?

This is question is the most important question you need to answer before even walking into a local dealer or searching online for your “dream” rifle. Why? If you don’t know how or why you will need an AR 15, then your customization, training, and mindset most likely won’t fit your actual needs. We get it. Purchasing a rifle can be exciting, whether it’s your first one or number fourteen. But when you define the use of the rifle, the customization of said rifle becomes intent based, which results in a better outcome for you and your pocketbook. Whether you intend to use the rifle for home defense, competition, or weekends at the range, these purposes matter. Define yours before you buy or start an AR 15 build project.

Question #2 - Which Caliber Suits My Needs?

Coat-tailing question number one, your caliber needs to fulfill your intended use of the rifle, too. The .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO, depending on twist rate of barrel, are effective in home defense and use on a farm for predator deterrent. Do you plan to hunt bigger game? The 6.5 load with 123-grain would do the trick. When it comes to chamberings, you want to choose based on the intended use of your rifle.

Question #3 - Can I Upgrade The Rifle Later?

Rifles are similar to vehicles. You can go with a stock model from a well known manufacturers that doesn’t offer too many upgrade opportunities. You can also find certain manufactured vehicles that offer a wide variety of upgrades. Consider this when purchasing or building your AR 15. The pricing for your rifle will be different based on the quality of stock package it comes with. In some cases, a base AR 15 will come with basic accessories you will eventually want to upgrade. But ask if you can before you purchase any specific rifle. Do the research. Plan out how you will upgrade your rifle.

Question #4 - What’s The Difference Between Functional and Cosmetic Components?

After a certain point, the AR 15 becomes a cosmetic wonder. The functional components do have a ceiling, however, the difference between a $100 and a $1000 trigger is noticeable when using the rifle. Nonetheless, make sure you’re aware of how the upgrades or components you’re purchasing affect your AR 15. If you like the way your rifle fires, but you want to change the look, consider cosmetic accessories. The opposite is true, as well. Want to improve accuracy and increase control? Consider functional upgrades to enhance your shooting abilities.

Question #5 - How Will Optics and Other AR 15 Accessories Aid Shooting?

In most cases, a stock AR 15 will come with a Picatinny top rail system, where you can mount red dots, rifle scopes, or ACOG-style combat optics. When it comes to optics, prioritize function and then preference. You can expect to spend up to 25 percent of your total AR 15 budget on just the optics. Reference your answer to questions number one above and then decide which type of sight, optics, or scope will get the job done for you.

Why Choose Rail Scales For Best AR Accessories

The AR 15 is, arguably, one of the most customizable rifles on the market. It’s relatively easy to upgrade, straightforward to maintain, and satisfying to shoot. At Rail Scales, we believe your rifle is an extension of you, which means you need the best AR 15 accessories on the market to enhance your shooting experience, training, and skills. You can shop the Rail Scales product line to find hand stops, sights, rail scales, and more to suit your needs.