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MLOK Handstops and More: Gun Law Basics

MLOK Handstops and More: Gun Law Basics

January 31, 2017

As we discussed in our previous blog post, general election years drive a lot of discussion and debate about gun control and ownership which, in turn, drives firearm and firearm accessories sales. As gun sales go up, so to do the internet searches about which firearms it is legal to own in one’s state of residence and the laws regarding purchasing and ownership in general. If you’ve gone through this process, the Rail Scales team applauds you! We always support prepared and educated firearm ownership. If you’re contemplating buying a gun, not only will you need accessories, like an MLOK handstop or a Keymod rail hand protector, but you will also need to be prepared for the legal requirements in your state. Here are the basics:

Federal Gun Laws

At the federal level, gun laws tend to be more broad; this is how our founding fathers intended it, after all - the power to decide laws should primarily be in the local government’s and state’s hands. Federal gun laws call for standard practices. These include taxation for firearm purchases and requiring registration of certain firearms and accessories. Federal law also mandates things like all sellers obtaining a Federal Firearms License before selling and controlling interstate firearms transfers. Primarily, federal laws speak more to manufacturing and sales rather than firearm ownership, with the exception of prohibiting firearm sales to certain groups, including convicted felons, and requiring background checks before purchases.

State Gun Laws

State laws, as you can imagine from the explanation of federal gun laws, have a lot more say in the actual act of buying and selling firearms to the average American citizen. Because of this, you will need to check for the specific laws in your state before you go buy a firearm. However, there are some laws that tend to be common amongst most states. These include:

  • Getting a license of permit before the purchase of a firearm
  • Registering your firearm with local police or other law enforcement
  • Allowing concealed carry, though the specifics may vary
  • Restrictions on firearms deemed semi-automatic or assault weapons as well as certain sized magazines
  • Restrictions on Title II firearms, which include automatic firearms as well as short barreled shotguns and rifles
  • Regulation about firearms owners traveling to a different state with their firearms

If you’re unsure where to get started when researching gun laws, the NRA Institute for Legislative Action has an in-depth review of gun laws by state. However, a surprisingly helpful (and well-cited) source for state gun laws is Wikipedia.

Gun Purchases

Once you’ve gone through all the legal requirements to purchase your firearm, it’s time to outfit your new gun! Shop RailScales online for our patented Keymod and MLOK handstops and hand-protecting Rail Scales. Want to cut down on weight without losing the heat protection? Try our HTP™ Scales. See our full array of Keymod and MLOK handstops and Rail Scales here!