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Improve AR 15 Firing Accuracy With These 5 Accessories

Improve AR 15 Firing Accuracy With These 5 Accessories

July 20, 2018

How accurate are you with your AR 15 rifle? Do you think you could improve accuracy and increase control? In this post, we’ll share the best AR 15 accessories to get the job done. Your shooting buddies will probably think you spend an inordinate amount of time training, but let’s be honest, you will simply spend more money than them. There’s nothing sweeter than squeezing the trigger of your AR rifle and snapping a hole through the bullseye of a target. What’s sweeter? Hitting that hole more than once—even though they think you missed target entirely. What your buddies don’t know is that you’ve modified and adjusted your gun to fit your style and needs. Nonetheless, you can do more to improve accuracy, and we’re going to show you how.

Four AR 15 Accessories

Accessory #1 - Upgrade Your Trigger

It gets overlooked frequently, but the trigger is in the top three for one of the most used components on an AR 15. Hard to imagine someone not considering their trigger as a vital piece to their accuracy, but it plays a role, nonetheless.

You’ll want to keep away from standard issue or stock triggers. Find an aftermarket trigger that fits your needs, whether that be range or competition shooting. To increase accuracy, you want a trigger that feels right to you. The pros tend to define a great trigger by its “break” when squeezed; it’s supposed to feel like a carrot or icicle breaking in half.

Accessory #2 - Install Rifle Handguard

This feature allows you to improve accuracy substantially. Whether you choose to use a free-floating or drop-in handguard, the choice is up to you. They both have pros and cons that tailor to and away certain shooters and their needs. Nonetheless, if you want to improve accuracy, this is one AR 15 accessory you cannot go without.

Accessory #3 - Change Your Grip

This could be your handle, rifle handguard scales, and more. In most cases, the way we hold our rifle and how it reacts in our hands while firing can determine a lot about accuracy. When you add rail scales, a hand stop, and change the rifle grip, you will find better accuracy sooner than later.

Accessory #4 - Add Advanced Optics

It may be obvious to have optics on the list, but some shooters prefer iron sights. Nonetheless, you will find that advanced sight assists like a laser or a a range-finding reticle. The distance at which you’re shooting and your overall shooting goals will determine which sights to choose. Typically, the farther away your target exists, the more serious of an optics upgrade you will probably need.

Accessory #5 - Consider A Forward Grip

It may seem redundant to install a forward grip on your rifle to improve accuracy, but it depends on what kind of shooting you’re participating in. If you’re posted up at the range, firing at a slow pace, you may not want a hand stop. However, if you’re snap firing, your forward hand finding the same spot on the rifle every single time is mandatory to maintain and even improve accuracy.

Discover Rail Scales’ AR 15 Accessories Online

If you want to improve AR 15 shooting accuracy, there are plenty resources online to do so. But that’s just it. You have to search, test, and report back what works and what doesn’t. At Rail Scales, we want you to enjoy every aspect of your AR rifle. This means that if a simple Keymod or M-LOK hand stop forward grip helps you hit the target more often than not, it’s time you shop online for one. Otherwise, consider any of the other AR 15 accessory upgrades mentioned in this post.