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How To Properly Sight Your Scope

How To Properly Sight Your Scope

January 18, 2019

You’ve purchased the best AR sight for your rifle. You’re now looking for information on how to sight your scope. What’s more, you don’t want to go shoot your rifle until you have the scope installed. You’re not alone. Tons of new scope owners need to sight their scopes. That’s why Rail Scales is here to help you start using your scope as soon as possible.

In this article, Rail Scales is going to share how to properly sight your scope, as well as some advice on mounting your scope to your rifle for optimal use.

Mount Your Scope

Your rifle should have a mounting system on it to receive your scope. If it does not, it’s time you got online and started shopping for rails for your AR-15. If you do have a mounting system, you can move forward with installing your scope.

First, make sure you have the correct mounting rings for the mating if the scope and your mounting system. Second, you will want to adjust for the proper eye relief, which is the distance between the end of the scope and your eye. Finally, you will want to go sight your scope at the range.

Dial Your Scope

Now that you scope is mounted, it’s time to take your rifle to the range and dial it in. Prior to sighting in your scope, you want to make sure you’re following proper safety measures. For example, you want to be wearing ear and eye protection. In some instances you may want to wear a long sleeved shirt in case any hot casings eject from the chamber and bounce around on your arm.

Once you’re safe and ready, place a target 100 yards away from where you are shooting. Then, stabilize your rifle either on sandbags or with a bipod to minimize movement from shooting. Next, align the reticle of your scope. This is a step that many new shooters forget to take, but it’s vital in properly sighting your scope. The alignment of your reticle to the elevation and windage of the area directly affects how accurate you are with your shot. You want to avoid reticle can’t, which can cause you to shoot right or left of the target.

Now, fire three rounds at the target. Take a look at the grouping. You can ignore any stray rounds that are not close to your grouping. However, see where your grouping is located. Is it high-right of your target? Low-left? This grouping is going to show you how to adjust your scope to get it dialed in to center for your target.

Fine Tune Your Dial

Finally, you will spend some time firing rounds and examining the groupings until you have your scope dialed in to the accuracy that you want. For example, if your grouping is high left of your target, you will lower your elevation a few clicks and adjust your windage knob to the right a few clicks. Fire to test the new grouping.

As you fine tune your scope, your ultimate goal is to get it dialed into center. This process can be time intensive, so remain patient and do your due diligence.

Rail Scales: More Than AR Accessories

At Rail Scales, we’re here for you and your advancement as a shooter. Yes, we sell some of the best AR accessories online, but we also care about you becoming a better shooter, whether that be through safety, training, or accessories. What’s more, you will find that as you dial in your scope, you will become more familiar with your rifle. This means that future adjustments will be easier and quicker. Just remember: stay safe and shoot straight. Shop Rail Scales online today!