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How These 8 Mistakes Rob Your Rifle Accuracy

How These 8 Mistakes Rob Your Rifle Accuracy

January 25, 2019

You may not want to hear this, but the reason you cannot shoot in small groups isn’t because of your rifle. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss why this may be the case. Granted, your rifle may be a reason you’re inaccurate with your shooting. Accessories matter, too. However, a large majority of accuracy while shooting is you, the operator of the rifle.

In this article, Rail Scales wants to share the eight mistakes shooters make that rob their shooting accuracy. When it comes to rifles, the accuracy of your shot is the primary metric of your skill as a marksman. Let’s remedy the mistakes and get your groupings tighter together.

Shooting Mistakes That Rob Rifle Accuracy

#1. Unstable Bench / Rest

If you’re looking for a way to shoot with more accuracy, check your bench or rest. An unstable bench or rest can cause issues while firing. Stabilize what you’re shooting from and see if your accuracy improves.

#2. Improperly Mounted / Sighted Scope

Did you get a new scope? Have you mounted and sighted it properly? For most, the scope is the primary cause for inaccurate shooting. Make sure your scope is properly mounted and sighted to ensure your shooting accuracy.

#3. Inconsistent Pressure From Your Shoulder

Shooting is all about pressure. Improper pressure from your shoulder on your buttstock can cause inaccuracies down range. Relax while you shoot. Don’t flinch before you fire and try to avoid the recoil.

#4. Bad Conditions

No matter the conditions, you need to take stock of the weather. If you’re shooting with an inconsistent cross-wind, you’re going to have a tough time creating tight groupings. It’s a simple fact that nature doesn’t stop for a shooter’s training. Choose a day to shoot that’s clear, sunny, and welcoming for shooting.

#5. Inconsistent Trigger Pressure

For most, “pulling the trigger” is the phrase used when firing a rifle. In fact, you want to squeeze the trigger, not “pull” it. Your consistency with squeezing the trigger can affect how you fair down range with your accuracy. Pressure and smoothness both play a factor in how you and the rifle react to firing.

#6. Lack Follow-Through

Your shoot is not complete until you confirm where you’ve struck your target. For some, as soon as the rifle fires, they flinch away from the rifle due to recoil or otherwise. You want to follow through with your shot similar to a basketball player. Make sure the shot goes in before you move on to the next one.

#7. Allowing For Too Much Barrel Heat

Firing your rifle consistently for a set duration will increase the barrel heat. Your groupings can open up as the barrel gets hotter. If you want consistent groupings, discover how long you can fire before they open up, and then let your barrel cool before starting the next round of shooting.

#8. Wrong Ammo

In most cases, utilizing the wrong ammo will seize up the rifle. Check to see if your ammo is ideal for the rifle you’re using. For example, an AR-15 barreled for 5.56 can also use .223. Your rifle may not shoot .223 well, so stick with the 5.56. This can take time to discover, so do your due diligence.

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If you’re looking to improve your shooting accuracy, you may need to upgrade your rifle with a hand stop or forend grip. Either item can help you get better control of your rifle while firing. Make sure and run through this article. You may find a mistake you’re making that could be robbing your shooting accuracy. Until next time, shop online for Rail Scales’ high-quality products.