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How a Forend Grip Can Help Improve Accuracy

How a Forend Grip Can Help Improve Accuracy

July 30, 2017

When it comes to improving accuracy when firing your AR 15, it probably feels like everyone has a “secret trick” or a suggestion—and they’re probably all different. For one friend, it could be a certain type of scope, or they may swear by their fixed iron sight. Another friend may swear that only one manufacturer makes the best vertical foregrip, and that made all the difference between a wide spread and a small one. While there are a huge range of different AR accessories out there to help improve your accuracy, your friend talking about their favorite forend grip may be onto something. Whether we’re talking about a small handstop, a rail cover, or a vertical grip, having something at the fore-end of your rails to safely and sturdily grasp can help improve your accuracy when shooting.

How’s Your Shooting Form?

One of the biggest factors that goes into shooting accuracy isn’t necessarily how thoroughly you adjusted your sight that day or how heavy your accessories make your AR—though, of course, those things can have an impact. If you’re new to firearm ownership, the fundamentals are there for a reason, and they can have a sizeable impact on your accuracy when shooting. So, before you go off hunting for that elusive accessory to magically improve your time at the range, start with the basics: check your stance and your form. For a refresher on shooting stance, you can check back to our previous blog, but the general gist is to ensure you create a stable, well-balanced base with your legs and core, lean slightly forward to account for the rearward motion when firing, and have a very firm grip on your AR each time you go to fire.



Securing Your Grip

Getting a tight grip, and ensuring you can go back to the same position every time, can have a big impact on your overall accuracy. The reason this works is that, as you get more familiar with the blowback and the feel of firing, your body stocks away those sensations to help you adjust and your mind will begin treating your AR more as an extension of your person. This process is called proprioception, and it’s basically the same thing that happens when you drive your vehicle. However, on top of this, improving your accuracy comes down to being able to get a very tight grip on your AR. The tighter your grip, the better you’ll be able to hold your AR tight against your shoulder and the less likely you’ll experience last second movement or twitches as you squeeze the trigger.

Depending on your upper, there may not be a great or comfortable place to grip near the front of the barrel. This is where your grip options come in. Rail scales, an angled foregrip or other vertical foregrip, and a handstop are all designed to give you a better way to get a tighter grasp on your AR with your front hand.

To help improve your grip and your accuracy, shop RailScales forend grip options! Our patented scales, handstops, and vertical foregrips are light, heat-resistant, and attach to M-LOK and KeyMod rail systems, so shop now!