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Grips and Gripes: Things Movies Get Wrong About Guns

Grips and Gripes: Things Movies Get Wrong About Guns

December 10, 2017

Is there anything that makes an experienced gun owner cringe more than improper firearm handling? While we’re all for suspension of disbelief when we head to the movies, sometimes it’s hard to ignore how unsafe, illogical, and downright wrong gun handling can sometimes be in pop culture. Sure, it’s all for fiction, but there are times we really wonder just where movie makers got their ideas. The good news is, some of those major movie gaffes can be a great learning point for those who are new to firearm ownership. Here are a few of Hollywood’s biggest gun gaffes, and what you should learn from them:

Ammo Isn’t Unlimited

We’ll start you off with a softball. If you know anything about firearms in real life, it’s that your magazine will empty much more quickly than they show in the movies—if the movie shows someone running out of rounds at all. If you’ve ever fired an AR 15 with a 30 round magazine, you’ll understand just how quickly that magazine can be emptied. The average gunfight is usually over in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes, if the sizes of magazines used in movies are to be judged by. For example, if you’re firing full-auto, your firearm is made to fire around seven hundred rounds a minute. If you’re firing a 30 round magazine, well, you can do that math. So, before you head to the range, make sure you’re prepared with enough ammo to get you through the day.

Silencers Don’t Silence

Firing a gun is loud. Seriously, we’re talking cause-hearing-damage-in-one-shot loud. So when Bond screws that little silencer onto the end and all of a sudden his shots make a soft “pfft” sound, well, most gun owners in the audience are probably ready to start cackling. In real life, a suppressor can help reduce the noise your firearm makes when firing, but not to the level of magnitude that they show in the movies. It’ll be a bit muffled, but you’ll still want to wear ear protection, even when firing with a suppressor. If you’re looking for a way to make your gun truly silent, the only real solution is to just not fire.

No Basic Gun Safety

Have you ever noticed how, in a chase scene, the hero will run through a half-empty building, hand on the trigger, with his attention solely on the bad guy? We understand the urgency to catch the villain and save the day, but no self-respecting gun owner is going to run around at the ready like that when one misfire could mean killing a random passerby. Instead, make sure you’re sticking to basic gun safety; keep your firearm pointed down and away from other people until you’re ready to bring your AR up to the ready stance and take your shot. And never, ever run around anywhere with the safety off and your finger on the trigger. Instead, your safety should stay on, and your index finger should rest in a straight position outside and above the trigger guard until your shot is lined up and you’re going to fire.

One Shot Deaths

Okay, to be fair, there are some caliber rounds that are powerful enough, and some places on the body that you could shoot and kill someone quickly. More often than not, however, a gunshot wound isn’t going to automatically kill. You’ve surely seen a scene in which the hero has a semi-automatic and is firing into an oncoming horde of opposition. And, of course, most of the enemies barely get nicked and fall to the ground, ostensibly dead. In real life, most gunshot wounds are more likely to cause a slow and painful death.

But wait, there’s more! The movies get a lot more wrong about firearms than what we’ve discussed so far, so stay tuned! And, if you want to avoid the gaffes the movie-makers show, make sure you’re properly educated and prepared before you put your finger to the trigger of a loaded firearm. Whether you’re looking for a forend grip or further AR 15 education, the Rail Scales team is here to help. Stay tuned to the blog for part 2, and shop online for the best AR accessories to get your AR kitted out properly.