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Completely Revamp Your AR-15

Completely Revamp Your AR-15

June 20, 2018

Avid shooters everywhere say there’s nothing more satisfying then sending hundreds of rounds through an AR-15. In some cases, AR rifle owners admit that they’d rather be at the range than at home. We don’t blame them! Although many gun owners point at the AR as a great, versatile firearm, a common question surfaces quite often: “How do I make my AR-15 look different than the next shooter’s?” Fair question! In this post, we’ll show you how to completely revamp your rifle and make a statement the next time someone asks about it.

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Five AR-15 Revamp Tips

Start With Your Lower-Parts Kit

Although this part of your AR-15 may seem inconsequential, it’s vital in the performance of your rifle. Purchasing an AR stock will get you on the range and firing, but what if you want more? What if you want to have a unique rifle and back it up with insane shooting skills? Primarily focus on your trigger assembly. You want a smooth, definitive firing experience. Many shooters lose out on accuracy due to the simple fact that their trigger is inconsistent or loose. Don’t let that happen.

Move To The Lower Receiver

Once again, those new to rifle ownership, and ARs in particular, will look at the lower receiver and wonder why revamping it would matter. The lower receiver doesn’t necessarily affect the performance of your gun, but it does offer you a chance to add your own flair to the entire build. You can stick with commercial receivers or you can make the move to more military styled receivers. No matter your choice, you can find a unique setup to flash your cash and style.

Consider Your Barrel Assembly

First and foremost, you need a strong, durable barrel that can handle however many rounds you plan on putting through it—and then some. The worst feeling is dropping dough on a barrel that only lasts a few hundred rounds, and then you’re on a mission to find a new, better barrel. When you’re shopping for AR-15 accessories, always look at heat distribution, material, and expected lifespan of the component.

Attach Some Sights

Move on from iron sights. You can always add them later as an optional accessory. However, your reason for using an AR-15 and how much you would like to spend both determine the flashiness and style you can tout with your advanced optics. This is where you can spend some serious cash to show everyone else that you’re different, backing it up with the ability to pepper a paper target with accuracy.

Customize The Grip

Compare your AR-15 grip to your shoes. You want a pair that fits just right so you can work, run, or travel in comfort. Your AR-15 grip is no different. You want a grip that’s comfortable to use for hours on end while you train at the range. Stock grips tend to be uncomfortable to use for prolonged periods of shooting.

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