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Choosing the Right Sight for your AR

Choosing the Right Sight for your AR

July 20, 2017

Unless you have eyesight as stellar as Hawkeye’s, odds are good you could probably use a bit of assistance sighting shots before you take them. And, the more the distance increases between you and your target, the more that is likely to hold true. However, between AR 15 sights and scopes, there are an overwhelming wealth of different firearms optics on the market. Even if we look strictly at sights, there are still so many options that it can be hard to figure out which are the best AR sights on the market.

Sight Option Basics

Let’s go back to the very basics. Before we got scopes that could magnify to ludicrously unnecessary levels, offer laser guidance, and even choose when to fire the gun and record the shot for you, there were more basic options like iron sights. By and large, an open sight is some variant of a few little metal notches, usually arranged in two lines or a ring closer to you and a small central notch or bead slightly further away from you. At the most basic, these little notches generally can be adjustable in small movements to help line up a shot, as well as to account for things like elevation and wind speed. However, there are also fixed sights which, as the name implies, are affixed to the rail or a laser sight and cannot be adjusted.

Do I Need an Adjustable Sight?

It depends. Yes, we know we answer that way a lot, but it’s true. The AR 15 is so modular that it’s a great fit for a pretty disparate variety of uses. Each of those different uses will come with different needs in terms of sights (or other optics). At the most basic, a sight is there to help you line up shots and account for the subtle difference that comes from Newton’s laws of motion; sights are designed to account for that slight variation in gravity and the earth’s curvature acting on a bullet. How much help you need adjusting your shots will depend on your vision, the distance, how windy it is, and so many other variables. For example, a basic fixed iron sight would probably be more than sufficient if your AR is for home defense only. On the other hand, if you’re working on your accuracy and precision over extended differences, even an adjustable sight might not be enough. When you want to get more precise, especially when it matters more, like with hunting, a magnifying scope may be necessary.



Choosing a Sight

As with every custom AR part and accessory, there are a lot of factors that go into your choices. Do you want a slim, low-profile option or do you not mind a bit of bulk? Do you need magnification or an adjustable sight? Which rail system are you attaching the sight to? The best bet is to ask a friend, forum, or dealer for assistance, so they can offer suggestions based on your specific needs.

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