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Are You Using Your Hand Stop Correctly?

Are You Using Your Hand Stop Correctly?

February 15, 2017

Most AR 15 owners would willingly argue that the biggest benefit of the AR is its customizability. As a firearm, it is one of the most modular, versatile, and easy to modify on the market. Even better, at least for those of us who prefer to support local and/or small businesses, there are a plethora of companies popping up, like RailScales, who specialize in just one or two products for the AR 15 and do them really well. Maybe they only make a free floating handguard or stick to perfecting a KeyMod hand stop. Whatever the case, these small businesses give us a variety of the best AR accessories, which allows for even more customizability options. It’s a win-win!

Keep It Light

At RailScales, we pride ourselves on narrowing our focus to just a few products so we can provide the best AR accessories possible. We’ve heard time and time again from AR 15 owners that the two biggest factors (aside from functionality, which should be a given) they want in their AR accessories are: easy installation/removal and as little additional weight as possible. Because, if you’ve ever held one, you’ll know that the AR 15 is a surprisingly light gun, and most owners want to keep it that way. That means lightweight rail systems, slimmed down hand stops and handguard rails, and generally avoiding so many mods it looks like a Swiss Army Knife.

Perfectly Engineered

This is what RailScales has done. Our signature handguard rail scales and KeyMod hand stops were designed thoughtfully to be as small, thin, and light as possible while still providing the function you need. Our original handguard is barely more than a tenth of an inch thick but provides the heat protection you need despite its thinness. Our KeyMod hand stops are designed the same way. It’s only an inch and a half long and weighs less than half an ounce but still works with both KeyMod and M-LOK rail systems. Because of the shape, all you have to do is

Hand Stop Help

The primary purpose of a hand stop is to give you stability as you fire and to do so swiftly and easily. The AR 15 was originally designed for use by our military, which means it needs to be able to go from safety on and relaxed to ready to fire in a matter of seconds. Many AR 15 owners find they like a hand grip or hand stop for that added stability to get a grip on the rail swiftly and return to that same spot easily. In addition, the Karve KeyMod handstop can be flipped around and braced against any edge or, when attached to a side rail, can be braced against a wall’s corner. Whichever way you choose to use it, please remember that hand stops are meant to help you pull the firearm back and brace the AR 15 against you, not to push it away!

To get the best M-LOK and KeyMod hand stop on the market, shop RailScale’s Karve hand stop today!