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AR 15 Upper Customization: Handguards, Rails, and Scales, Oh My!

AR 15 Upper Customization: Handguards, Rails, and Scales, Oh My!

March 01, 2017

We’ve said it before and we’ll undoubtedly say it again: we love the AR 15 in large part because of its awesome modular customizability. Everything from the barrel length to the rails and even the impingement system is easy to swap out based on your own preferences. And, since the lower receiver is the only part that needs to be purchased through a licensed seller and registered, any part of the upper you want to customize can be bought from a local seller or online with no fear that you’re breaking laws.

Help The Small Business Owners

As a small business ourselves, we’re big fans of the AR’s modular components because it means so many of us can develop one product or a half dozen without needing to redesign an entire firearm. And, since we’re designing rail mount accessories rather than full firearms, we can sell online. Think of it a bit like a food truck; many chefs start smaller, with a food truck, because it’s easier to put out excellent products and do what they love without the huge amount of capital it takes to start a full restaurant. Well, the modular nature of the AR 15 allows for much the same thing to happen. We take the time to design light, modular, very specific products and sell them online so we can get the best custom AR parts out there without the high cost of a store front.

Customizing Your Upper Receiver

When it comes to picking components for your AR 15, much of your decision should be based on your purpose. Do you need more maneuverability? You may want a shorter barrel. Do you want a lighter firearm? You probably don’t want a rifle handguard with a quad-rail and an overabundance of accessories attached to it. Before committing to a rifle handguard or a new rail system, it’s important to check the accessories available. It wouldn’t make sense to choose a rail handguard that only has heavy, bulky options if you want to stay light!

Keeping It Light

For most AR 15 owners, keeping the gun light means it’s easier to maneuver and carry longer. If you crave the lightest AR 15 possible, a Picatinny rail system may not be for you, despite its popularity. The Picatinny rail system adds bulk as well as weight. Instead, a low profile system like an M-LOK or KeyMod rail system will offer the same functionality with a slimmer profile and less weight. And, in conjunction with that, RailScales has developed our namesake rail handguards and hand stops to give you the heat protection and stability. Our products are so slim that the added weight is barely noticeable, but our Rail Scales offer just as much (if not more) heat protection than your usual rifle handguard or KeyMod foregrip.

Once you’ve picked your upper receiver and found the right rail system for you, it’s time to get the right heat protecting and stabilizing rail mount accessories. For the best lightweight M-LOK and KeyMod foregrip and hand stop options, shop RailScales today!