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9 Reasons To Own An AR 15: Part Two

9 Reasons To Own An AR 15: Part Two

May 30, 2018

It can be tough to compete with baseball, apple pie, and the 2nd amendment when it comes to what’s more American; however, the AR 15 is considered the everyman’s rifle, being versatile, customizable, and easy-to-use for a variety of safe and responsible purposes. This makes the rifle innately American. In part one of this blog series, we shared the first five reasons to own a AR 15, and in this post, we’ll be sharing the remaining four reasons.

If you already own are in the process of doing research to purchase an AR 15, consider looking into the best AR accessories for your purpose. At Rail Scales, we offer hand stops, forends, and more to those looking to improve accuracy and increase control, whether they’re competing, protecting, or enjoying their rifle. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more!

Four Reasons To Own An AR 15

Protect A Farm Or Ranch

You’ll be hard pressed to find a farmer or rancher who doesn’t have some kind of rifle around to protect their crops, livestock, or otherwise. Predator control is a real concern. An AR 15 is a great rifle to keep on-hand if you’re a farmer or rancher looking to fend off a pack of coyotes going after your herd or a passel of wild hogs tearing up your wheat field. Finally, The AR 15 is easily customizable to fit your needs. The best AR accessories tend to be what you prefer to utilize. This means you need to do your research and give a few different components a try before settling on the best one for you. You can find hand stops, sights, and more with Rail Scales to begin your journey with AR customization.


If you’re one to tinker on restoring classic cars, fixing broken electronics, or working on rifles, the AR 15 is meant for you. The rifle allows for a wide range of customization. Aftermarket components and parts enable owners to transform their stock rifle into a firearm. Additionally, as you use the rifle, you can add accessories like a hand stop, forend, and more, which requires more tinkering.

Compete In Events

There are hundreds of shooting competitions annually all across the nation on a local, regional, and national level. One of the most popular firearm sporting events is the 3-gun competition. Guess which rifle is included in this event? You probably knew the answer already, and you’d be right to say the AR 15. There are three major classes in the event, and each class has its own unique guidelines on which firearms can have accessories and which accessories are allowed. If you have a competitive side and love firearms, consider investing your time and money into this safe, fun community and event.

Introduce More Women To The Interest

It can be said that the ownership and use of firearms is primarily a male interest. This doesn’t mean women can’t be involved. You can encourage your spouse, friends, family, and more to shoot if you introduce them to the AR 15 first. As mentioned above for training and education purposes. This rifle is light, easy to maneuver, and relatively comfortable to shoot for hours on end at the range. Add a hand stop or sights to the rifle, and the accuracy and control tend to rise, which makes visits to the range that much more fun.

Want To Improve Control? Order A Rail Scales’ Hand Stop

At Rail Scales, our origin begins with seeing a need and filling it. We saw a need for a textured rail cover that provided better heat resistance than the cheap polymer rail covers on the market. So we got to work and developed what we now deem our flagship RailScales® product line, textured G10 scales for AR15 Keymod & MLOK Rail Systems. What followed were a number of AR accessories and attachments like our KARVE® bi-directional hand stop and our KARVE-P® a high-temp polymer bi-directional hand stop.

There are plenty of more reasons to buy and own a AR 15. There are also plenty of ways to increase control and improve accuracy all while being responsible, free gun owners. Did you miss part one of this series? Read it to learn more!