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9 Reasons To Own An AR 15: Part One

9 Reasons To Own An AR 15: Part One

May 20, 2018

What’s more American than apple pie, baseball, and the 2nd amendment? Owning a AR 15! At Rail Scales, we believe in the responsible, safe ownership of firearms, no matter your reason for purchasing one. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll be sharing the nine reasons to own a AR 15. We also want you to get exactly what you need out of your firearm. That’s why we offer hand stops, forends, and sights to increase control and improve accuracy. Shop online now! Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

First Five Reasons To Own An AR 15

Exercise The 2nd Amendment

At Rail Scales, we’ll be as bold to that the AR 15 is the everyman’s rifle. It’s versatile, accessible, and customizable to fit almost any need. With that being said, we believe the AR 15 is the musket of our time; it can be owned by men and women of different colors, cultures, beliefs, and interests. The AR 15 is as American as apple pie, baseball, and the 2nd amendment.

Increase Self-Defense

It’s never been easier to access self-defense in our country. With that being said, the AR 15, especially one with a hand stop accessory, allows for the American citizen to defend themselves against a serious threat. The AR 15 is relatively easy to learn how to use. It’s reliable, and it’s customizable to fit the owner’s needs perfectly.

Enjoy recreational use

You’d be hard sought to find a better rifle to take to the range and punch holes through paper or other targets. The AR 15 allows for easy short-range fun as well as long-range precision shooting. With the right accessories, you can go from shooting a target up close to laying down precision fire at a distance in minutes.

Educate and train

Whether you or your youngster is learning how to shoot, the AR 15 is a great rifle to start with. Its low recoil and light frame allow for accurate firing and acute adjustments to make the most out of training. It’s rare to see a shooter begin with a AR 15 and not come back for more. One way to help with control and accuracy is to add a hand stop to the rifle. This gives the shooter an anchor for their hand and more confidence while shooting.


You’ve probably heard that the AR 15 may not be the best choice when hunting. We’d like to offer some insightful information that may change your mind. The AR 15 and it’s “big brother” the AR 10 do, in fact, work well for hunting. The 5.56 or .233 ammunition is great for vermin or rodent hunting. The AR 15 can be chambered in a larger, more powerful cartridges, which work great for deer hunting. Consider the AR 10s .308. Many hunters use this for deer hunting, too.

Nonetheless, once you decide which rifle you’ll be utilizing on your hunting trips, consider the best accessories to add. At Rail Scales, we suggest adding sights and a hand stop to increase control and accuracy.

Choose Rail Scales’ hand stops!

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran shooter, small adjustments in your shooting can mean the difference between hitting the mark or missing. Want to increase control and improve accuracy? Consider our Karve® or Karve-P® hand stops! Otherwise, you can continue reading this blog series with part two to learn four more reasons to own a AR 15.